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Cost-effectively monitor fragmented data and channels. Identify customers at risk. Sense in real-time opportunities to influence.


Predictive Enterprise

Big Data in the Predictive Enterprise

Multiple data sources. Real-time data streams. Just-in-time-analytics. Today’s enterprise is challenged to grow revenue, reduce waste and manage risk. KnowledgeGRIDS delivers the Predictive Enterprise by providing an integrated predictive framework that assembles all predictive insights into a single understanding of the future. The result—significant reduction in waste, lessened risk, better decision-making, and clearer understand across the supply chain.



85%risk reduction predictions



93%waste reduction



53%revenue risk predictions

Real-time personalization

Personalizes messaging and offers based on in-the-moment customer statements and behaviors

Location sensitivity

Customer location patterns—work, home, and play—can be used to further personalize targeting

Any offering

Offers, content, and promotions can be bundled into a single offering

Enterprise Data Hubs

Bundle products, content, reduced price and promotions to be targeted with a single platform

BIG & small data enabled

Small data—the data that only your customers have access to—can be easily integrated with BIG data and enterprise data sources

Machine Learning

Uses machine learning to develop real-time models of consumers for rapid sense and respond marketing

Predict EACH Customer’s Behavior


We are not in the consulting business but we know about the risk of today’s digital and offline environment. A lot of options. Not a lot of intelligence. We have a set of standardized, fixed price options

BIG Data strategy assessment
Not sure about the value of BIG data and where it should fit strategically we can help with our standardized assessment and ROI valuation.
Omni-channel integration
The growth in engagement channels continues to pose a channel for creating personalized engagement with customers. We can help you create a cross-channel engagement strategy that creates personal and relevant communication with your customers.
Marketing services integration
Analytic, program and data siloes hampers today’s CMO. We can help you develop a strategy for integrating your services across customer touchpoints.

Customer engagement assessment
BIG data has the most value when customers are actively contributing. That is called ‘small data’—the data that customers can provide. We can help you develop a customer engagement strategy that increases your insights and understanding of your customers using a ‘small data engagement’.
Personalization strategy
Building a Program responsive to real-time customer engagement can be difficult. We can help evaluate your personalization programs, understand best practices, compare you with competitors, and figure out a personalization that is best for you.
Solution marketing assessment
Trying to match content to customer needs, intentions and affinity. There are a lot of tools available. We can help you create an integrated content and offer strategy that builds lifestyle solutions that correspond to your customer.

Powering analytics and data marketplaces

GRIDsTM–Delivery models of predictive expertise

GRID technology
knowledgeGRIDS uses proprietary GRID technology to build predictive templates tied to specific business outcome. Each template contains multiple algorithms that create very accurate predictions that can address the multiple dimensions of predicting future events. GRID technology enables out-of-the-box predictions reducing cost and increasing speed to value.













Build prediction ensembles

Use Cases

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    Trying to be personal involves a new way of thinking with today’s always in demand and always available consumer. Consumers are expecting to shape how the personal experience to increase relevance. We can help develop the right personalization program for the right channel.

    Real-time response

    Mobile is changing the marketing equation. Location based marketing programs create opportunities for real-time response to a customer’s location. Real-time response—whether location, motivation/need, or other contextual inputs—can create new types of connection that allows Brands to respond in the moment to a specific customer’s expectation. The result: increased basket and share. We can help you integrate the right systems and respond to the right events creating a real-time response capability.

    Customer decision journeys

    Multiple data sources and engagement channels leads to complicated Brand engagement journeys for customer acquisition, retention and re-engagement. Increasing purchase or building advocacy requires personal and relevant engagement tied to where the customer is their decision journey. We can help you identify your customers’ decision journeys and how to respond. We can build an always-on engagement based on that journey and the best message and channel for speeding the path to purchase.

    Consumer directed experiences

    Today’s consumers expect to be involved in the relationship with Brands they care about. Consumers spend time organize their media, engaging with friends, and expressing their opinions. These consumers have a similar expectation that they can create custom and personal experiences with marketers. We can help build the programs with the right consumer inputs to maximize relevance.

Value based pricing

The knowledgeGRIDS benefit

The knowledgeGRIDS benefit

knowledgeGRIDS combines machine learning and predictive analytics to deliver speed, value, and accuracy.

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The Team

Marketing Strategists
Marketing Strategists

We have experienced marketers who know how to build real-time customer engagement programs that align with your marketing strategy

Customer data architects
Customer data architects

We know about how to evaluate data and leverage data to achieve your marketing objectives. We also know the importance of speed, cost, and flexibility. In today’s environment we can do all three.

Data Scientists
Data Scientists

We believe that today’s open data environments create new opportunities for insights and understanding of your customers. We can put together the right package for you.

Engagement Specialists
Engagement Specialists

It is not all about insights. We can help you make it actionable. We can build customer engagement that offer real-time relevance and consumer directed personalization.

Predict the future

Today’s customer engagement journeys

An explosion in engagement channels—search engine, social, web browsing, on-site click stream, purchase histories, re-targeting response, abandoned cart, customer service, warranty, promotion response—each with their own analytic insights has created more confusion about how customers engage your Brand. Siloes deliver little flexibility and poor understanding of where each of your customer is on their engagement journey.

From what we do know, today’s journeys are fluid, dynamic, and don’t follow a logical sequence. Sensing where a customer is on their journey and predicting the best response is the critical marketing challenge.

Sensing engagement activity signatures

Each customer action—an online behavior, a set of purchases, a promotion response—creates an activity signature that says something about how you should engage. The signals can be complicated. The noise excruciating. The business impact critical. You need to know the signatures to listen for. You need to sense the right signals.

Sensing the signal and responding to the right signature can create new engagements that drive more frequent and more rapid engagement with your Brand. You need to leverage a new type of analytics and new levels of intelligence

Knowing ‘Moments of Influence’

Which signal is an opportunity to influence or a trigger to affect behavior or decision? You need to know the events that are ‘moments of influence.’ How do you influence? What channel? What message? What is the outcome? The challenge to determining Moments of Influence is the complicated analysis that frequently shifts in real-time.

Manage BIG Data

What is BIG DATA?

BIG data is a term to describe the volume, velocity and variety of data that confronts today’s marketer. What is it’s value? What is the ROI?

BID data starts with a mindset that more data is better. More data creates broader insights and higher fidelity understanding of the customer.

Old data technologies requiring large scale up-front investments can’t work in today’s fluid marketing and digital environments. Low cost implementations that allow for rapid integration of new data sources without costly rework is critical.

What happened to the other Data?

The BIG data mindset allows you to revisit your data sets. Do you have a 360o of your customer? Do you know the pockets of data that you have on customers that remains hidden from your view? Enterprise data—transaction, warranty, call center, customer service—remains a valuable untapped resource of insights. So to is third party data. Social media, blog, browsing, email, and micro-blogging provide further insights into your customer in the moment. Tapping into new enterprise sources and integrating third party data remains nirvana. If you could figure it out, everyone agrees, the marketing impact would be huge.

Small Data

Customers have their own data—their mobile apps, playlists, mobile wallets, book marks, browsing history—and their own in-the-moment intentions, needs and affinities. BIG data’s promise rests with using understanding of group patterns to deliver value to individual customers. Create a value proposition where consumers provide additional data to your existing insights, the marketing impact would be a gamechanger.

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Today’s consumer

Today’s consumer expects to be always on and expects everyone to be always on demand. When today’s consumer engages with friends and with Brands, they need to respond. And the response better be relevant and worthwhile. This consumer expects to spend little energy on engagement that doesn’t deliver a clear value proposition. Clear value on the first shot and engagement will be ongoing. When clear value is not apparent than today’s consumer will quickly move elsewhere.

Real time response

With today’s mobile consumer location becomes critical. So too does a consumer’s intention and motivation. Responding in real-time to this real-time consumer creates new opportunities to market.

Right time response

Real-time doesn’t mean right time. Knowing the right time to respond creates better engagement and stronger connection. Spam is easy to produce but its negative impact on a consumer is difficult to undo.

Moments of Influence

‘Moments of Influence’ are events that should trigger a real-time response because they are the right time to affect a consumer’s engagement journey. There are multiple moments in a journey. Find the right moment and you can engage the consumer faster and with greater confidence. Fumble, and find the wrong moment, your opportunity to influence is wasted.